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Horizons Edge Sports Campus


  • Climbers must weigh between 22lbs-330lbs
  • Climbers should remove all jewelry, secure glasses, and tie back long hair
  • No crocs, heels, sandals, or open-toed shoes are permitted! Please were closed-toed shoes and ensure laces are tied.
  • No chewing gum, food or drinks allowed in the climbing area.


Climbers are required to:

Climbers must not:

  • Attend a pre-climb safety briefing
  • Follow staff instructions at all times
  • Receive a staff check on their harness before climbing
  • Wear a helmet when instructed by staff
  • Hold onto or pull down on the webbing or belay rope whilst climbing
  • Swing during descent
  • Walk on articulated mats when they are laying on the floor
  • Have mobile phones within the climbing area