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Horizons Edge Sports Campus

Frequently asked questions


There is no age limit, but all climbers must be at least 22-25 lbs and not exceed 330lbs.

Our refund policies are as follows: There are no refunds for clip ‘n climb for participants choosing to end their session early, arriving late to begin, or who are unable to attend a session they signed up for.

  • Climbers will be accommodated with later start times where possible, however if the subsequent session is full, climbers may only climb for the time allotted or transfer entirely to a later session.

  • Customers may reschedule sessions that they cannot attend upon request.

  • Customers are eligible for account credit in the amount of the session if they do not wish to reschedule.

During the week Clip ‘N Climb is available from 3-7pm and on the weekend from 10am-6pm. We start sessions on the hour and half hour so please arrive early to allow time for parking (on busy weekends), check-in, and sign-up if not signed up already. We close Clip ‘N Climb sessions for birthday parties and private rentals.

**Private events, course maintenance, holidays, and staffing availability may affect these times. Additional climbing times may be offered. If you purchased a gift card for 1 hour of climbing in 2022 or earlier, please call to redeem it. Visit. or call our main line and follow the prompts to hear updated Open Play times.**

No, we do not allow people to climb in crocs so please bring a pair of closed toe and heeled tennis shoes

You either have a 1 hour or 30 minutes, depending on what you select when you register/pay to climb. Please note that watching the pre-climb safety video and putting on harnesses counts towards your time if you are late! 

We try to accommodate by bringing climbers in 5 minutes prior to their start time for the safety video and harnessing. When we have climbers who have signed up previously online we try to wait for them to arrive as close to the start time as possible so that we can start the safety video at the same time. We do not start climbers early when we are hosting a birthday party or private rental to ensure that they receive their full time.

During the week we have 12 slots per session and on the weekend we have 20 slots per session. We do have private rental options for groups that want the area to themselves and we recommend that groups bring no more than 20 climbers with them because of the amount of walls and the time it takes to put on harnesses and review the safety video.

We sometimes have Clip ‘N Climb specials that we advertise on our social media platforms.

QUESTIONS?  Contact us